Ear lavage: $90

EKG: $50

Nebulizer treatment: $40

Pap smear: $90

Abcess incision/drainage: $145

Cyst incision/drainage: $280

Mole excision: $210-$350

Toenail removal: $250

Wound repair (stitch): $150+

Skin tag removal (1-5): $100

Skin tag removal (6-10): $150

Skin tag removal (10+): $200


Lipid panel: $55

CBC: $25

Urinalysis w microscopy: $20

Urinalysis w culture: $45

PSA: $25

Hepatitis Panel: $100

New Patient Visit: $125
Est. Patient Visit: $90

Complete Physical: $210

School physical: $30


Flu shot: $25

B12: $20

Antibiotic: $20

Zofran: $10

Toradol: $15

Dexamethasone: $18

Urinalysis dip stick: $15
Urine pregnancy test: $25
Blood glucose check: $10
TB skin test: $65
Flu test: $30
Strep test: $27

Estradiol: $29

Iron: $7

Progesterone: $24

Rheumatoid Factor: $18

Total Testosterone: $55

TSH: $30

Uric acid: $7

Vitamin B12: $24

Vitamin D: $45

HIV: $29

Gonorrhea/Chlamydia: $47

Herpes 1 and 2: $52

Syphillis: $15

Drug Abuse Screen: $75

Skin biopsy (mole): $90

Liver panel: $9

CMP: $25

Pap: $52

Culture: $27

Food allergy panel: $200-$250

Respiratory allergy panel: $300

Zest Family Medicine efforts to make healthcare affordable for all and has transparent, no-hassle pricing for patient's without insurance. Below is a list of cash prices for common procedures and labs at Zest Family Medicine. Don't see what you're looking for? Please call us and we would be happy to get a cash price on any procedure for you.

Cash visits

We bill your insurance provider for each visit, and you cover the co-payment or deductible, just like you would at any medical office. The amount that you owe depends on the specific health insurance plan you have. If you have any questions, call the number on your insurance card to learn more about your coverage. For your co-payment or for those who prefer to pay out-of-pocket, we accept cash, debit/credit cards and CareCredit. Once payment is received from your insurance, usually 30-60 days after your visit, any remaining balance that your insurance company says your are responsible for will be billed to you. Balances can be paid by clicking the "make a payment" button above. If you are an HMO patient, please contact the office to make sure we are currently accepting HMO patients in your plan and for instructions on how to designate us as your PCP provider.

How we handle insurance


Zest Family Medicine takes great pride in being transparent with our charges and billing practices. Payments for all services are due at the time of service.

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